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How are our dishes made?
Situated in the North Cotswold hills, all our meals are freshly made to order by Fleur.
Using only organic, locally sourced ingredients, our dishes are designed to provide natural nourishment and goodness to new mums.
All our ingredients are top quality with no hidden nasties or anything artifical.  We only use the best virgin olive oil, flaked sea salt, organic products where possible, and all our eggs used in our baking products are from our happy free-galavanting chickens and geese.
Our dishes are suitable for both breast-feeding and non breast-feeds mums.
How are our dishes packaged?
All our dishes come in freshly sealed, stand up pouches, which can be stored neatly and efficiently in your fridge or freezer.

As each dish comes 'ready to heat' - simply open the pouch and pop the contents in a pan and heat through or place the opened pouch in the mircowave and press ping - easy and quick!

All food is delivered in eco-friendly, insulated cool boxes.
All our packaging is recyclable.
How long will our dishes keep?
Freshly made from scratch, when the food arrives in your kitchen you have three days in which to consume the dishes or simply pop then in your freezer and use them at a later date (remember it is recommended you should use all frozen food within a month of freezing).
How does delivery work?
Each order is freshly made from scratch, so please understand that it takes us a little while to get the delivery direct to your kitchen.  The uniqueness of our service is that each order is individual - not mass produced!
All orders placed by 12pm on day one will take a minimum of three working days to arrive.
For example:
  • Monday: order placed by 12pm
  • Tuesday: order freshly cooked
  • Wednesday: order is dispatched with our friendly courier service
  • Thursday: order is delivered                                  
We deliver our Food Boxes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays only.
(Our brownies are sent by First Class Royal Mail post so these timings do not apply.  Our scrumptious brownies are dispatched within 24 hours of receiving the order.)
How much does delivery cost?
Food Boxes delivery costs start at £12.50 
Brownies and single baked goods cost £5.50 
Where do we deliver?
We deliver NATIONWIDE excluding the Highlands, Outer Hebridies, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands (sorry!)
As each box is freshly cooked to order, we can only make delivery once.  It is important to let The Food Stork know where the deliveryman can safely leave the box should no one be home at the time of delivery.  We endeavour to ensure a safe and timely delivery but we need to stress that it is your responsiblity to let your friends know that they will be receiving a delivery from us.
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