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The Food Stork is a food delivery service bringing freshly cooked, seasonal meal gifts to new parents.

Our dishes have been specially created to help give lots of nourishment and natural nurture to new mums.  Our meals are slow-cooked to bring out the natural flavours and to make digestion easier.  There are no hidden nasties - just pure natural deliciousness.

Launched in 2009, The Food Stork was originally inspired by my sister's pregnancy. I saw her struggle to find the time to tend to her new baby, Frankie, and to feed her husband and three year old daughter, Ava.  I stepped in and took over the cooking. On seeing my sister and her husband's response to the food I had prepared and stored for them, I realised that I could offer  this service to other new mums and dads.

My passion for food stems from my childhood having been taught to cook by my food obsessed family. I grew up in the North Cotswolds, where I still live and prepare all the meals, eating from our kitchen garden and helping my  father raise our rare breed Hebridean sheep. 

I started working with food as a private cook and food consultant over 10 years ago.

For more information and recipes please visit my blog www.foodstorktales.com 



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