Our Happy Mums Say...

"The delicious food went down a treat!  Beautiful flavours and so healthy."
Nicola Volarka, London

"We have just received a food box from some friends.  What an inspired idea and so welcome.  We have immediately eaten a couple of your brownies with our coffee and they were fabulous...the perfect amount of salt!"
Charlie Betts, Cheltenham

"The Food Stork is my default baby gift, as a 3 times mum I know there's nothing better than not having to think about food, especially when the food storks quality is so incredible for children and adults. If I could move Fleur in during those early baby days I would!".
Rose Van Custem, founder of Maggie & Rose, Gloucestershire

'Forget babygros, forget flowers, home-cooked, healthy, delicious food is the one thing that ever new mother craves, but doesn’t have the energy for; this is where the Food Stork fits in with a wonderful product that really makes a new mother feel spoilt. It is genius.'
Thomasina Miers, founder of Wahaca, London

'Just to let you know someone sent us a Stork box when we arrived home from hospital with our little boy 2 weeks ago and it was absolutely delicious - so much so we ordered a box for our friends.'
Lisa Spinks, London

'We were SO impressed with your amazing food.  What a fantastic help when we'd just had our new baby.  Amazing packaging and everything was delicious.'
Mrs Jo Bamford, Gloucestershire

'My friend LOVED all the food in the Gift Box and she said it was such a treat!! Thank you.'
Satako, London

'The Food Stork is an absolutely fabulous service.  I highly recommend it' 
Jodie Kidd, model & happy new mum, Sussex

'The recipients of the Food Stork box were utterly delighted - they are sleep deprived new parents and this was a real treat for them. A great service!'
James Maynard, London

'My friend was thrilled with the food and she and her husband raved in particular about the brownies!'
Rachael Grey, Berkshire

'My food box was amazing. I look forward to another order in the future soon'
Anne Becker Upton, London

'I just wanted to let you know that my sister and her husband absolutely LOVED the food. My sister was raving about it. She said it was just so fresh and delicious and nourishing. Perfect for a new mother. I will *definitely* order from you again!'
Nicola, Stanmore, Australia

'Hi - we received a delivery today as a gift. Just wanted to pass on that it is
absolutely brilliant. Had an amazing dinner tonight - delicious! Great concept.'
Leah, Chris and baby Evelyn, London

'I'm pleased to report that the Stork Box was received well from our friends. They said the food was so scrummy and they loved the brownies and flapjacks, and they were very touched by such a lovely gift. So a big thank you, and if I can use your company again or pass on the word to someone else I shall do.'
Denise Marsh, Somerset

'The food was excellent and although we have received many gifts since the birth of our daughter Megan this was the most original and the most helpful and thoughtful. It really is a fantastic idea. My husband and I both agreed that the chocolate brownies were the best we had ever tasted.'
Claire Ogden, Woking

'Hi Fleur. Just to say thanks again and my friend has just sent me an email saying: "Just to let you know, we had our dinner last night and the food was absolutely delicious. The brownies in particular were sensational. Better than Borough market brownies!" So thank you Fleur very much!'
Sarah Parkin, London

'Definitely the best present we've received by a LONG way! So nice to get some proper food rather than all the instant meals we've been having!'
Kinvara Corbett, London

'Such a thoughtful present and what a treat to get all that scrummy food. Have enjoyed the treats so much, brownies lasted about a minute...'
Caroline Burlison, Northamptonshire

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