Our Ingredients


We create organic, wholesome food made from scratch with love and care.

The Food Stork is not about diet plans or food fads.  It is about proper home-cooked food with balanced dishes that nurtures well-being and nourishment and taste delicious.

All our dishes are slowly cooked in small batches to ensure great flavour and extra care is taken.  Slow cooking helps nourish the gut and can aid digestion - perfect for new mums.

We use 100% organic ingredients.

We source our vegetables from Riverford Organic Farmers and our meat from Graig Farm Organics.

We have our own kitchen garden where we grow our fresh, seasonal vegetables and herbs that we use in many of the dishes.

We also have own free-wandering chickens and geese whose eggs we use in our baking goods.  

We only use natural ingredients in our food with no hidden nasties, artificial flavourings or preservatives.

We do not use diary products in our dishes, just organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, flaked sea salt and a lovely lightness of touch.

No garlic is used in any dishes so ideal for breastfeeding mums.

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